The political climate of the West is unlike anything we’ve seen in recent times. Across the United States, England, The Netherlands, and most recently, France the electoral plurality has decisively proclaimed the need and desire for real change. This majority has been poorly served by previous decades with stagnant status quo policies that severely neglected the appetite for real change in order to preserve western economies, societies, and, most importantly, high standards of living. For those who voted for change, the consequences of Macron’s Bastille Day invitation to President Trump, and his subsequent acceptance, is immensely promising.

Nowhere is this reality clearer than at yesterday’s press conference between the French and American heads of state in Paris. The two candidates spoke side-by-side with a genuinely friendly demeanor on topics that included our historical and enduring friendship, the mutual dedication to strengthen the fight against terrorism (and the ideals behind the behavior), and potential future negotiations of the Paris Climate Accord. The refreshingly clear display of unity couldn’t arrive at a more welcome moment and is demonstrative of the fact that the West will only persevere through honest dialogue and mutually tuning in to legitimate concerns.

American Trump supporters have had it quite rough in France. Prior to the election, the French (and US) media adopted an inhospitable slant when it came to President Trump. Sadly, this slant remains present as I write these words. Pre- and post-election Trump supporters have been labeled with every possible negative characterization from racist to misogynist. We’ve lost friends, been on the receiving-end of hatefully false verbal accusations, and wasted time defending our perspective to an audience that preaches openness except for where it disagrees. All the while, we’ve been scratching our heads to understand: what’s not to like about him?

Proudly, our support remains ardent as we share his vision for a robust economy, enforcement of existing legal immigration framework, a world where there is no excuse or tolerance for terrorism, among others. The cordial invitation from President Macron illustrates that Trump is not as bad as the media and leftists enjoy proclaiming. Even the protest organized by Democrats Abroad France for Trump’s visit to Paris received little, if any, media coverage.

As President Trump heads home, we can only thank him for the service he unknowingly afforded his American supporters in France. The lovely visit and display of friendship, unity, alliance couldn’t come at a better time. It is with good reason that we can now hope that the left and ordinary Trump bashers of France will begin to come to their senses and put an end to the pointless practice of Trump bashing.

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