The Collapse of the Biden Presidency Part 3 –  Biden’s policies are clear attacks on Americans

Nov 3, 2021

Paul Reen, President Republicans in France

Huge Performances for Republicans in Blue State Governor Races

Republican Youngkin Wins Virginia! Republican Ciattarelli Leads incumbent in New Jersey!

Victory!! Republican Glenn Youngkin has just won the election for Governor in Virginia, beating the Biden/Obama/Clinton supported Democrat candidate and Virginia ex-Governor Terry McAuliffe. The first time a Republican was elected as Governor of Virginia in 12 years.  And Republican Jack Ciattarelli has shocked the nation and is locked in a dead heat with the Democrat incumbent Governor of New Jersey, still too close to call on Wednesday morning – and there are Democrat meltdowns across the nation! These are huge victories for these candidates and for the entire Republican Party.  Both Republicans ran excellent State campaigns for their people, but we all know this also represents complete rejections of Biden’s Presidency and the policies of today’s radical Democrat Party. It has national implications as we get ready to start the campaigns for the 2022 midterm elections. McAuliffe was the early favorite and, with the entire Democrat and Hollywood machine behind him, was expected to win in Virginia. McAuliffe’s most serious blunder was his defense of Virginia School Board’s radical education ideologies over the passionate concerns of truly outraged parents.  And as he desperately trailed in the polls as Election Day neared, like every dishonest Democrat, he resorted to smearing Youngkin as a Nazi loving, racist, white supremacist “like Trump”.  McAuliffe eagerly re-tweeted and supported a fake, Jussie Smollett-like staged photo-op of so-called Nazis carrying Tiki torches and posing as Youngkin supporters in front of his campaign bus. The only problem was that they were all Democrats and even included a black Democrat trying to pose as a white supremacist. It was funded and organized by Democrats and even members of McAuliffe’s campaign. It was so absurd that the entire nation had a great time mocking them all over social media. So both Virginia and New Jersey, once solid “blue” states, sent a clear message that they are tired of these “woke” radical, lying, leftist Democrats and their intolerant, anti-American policies against parents, patriots, and all Americans holding opposing views. Virginians and people from New Jersey, like the majority of Americans, want a return to true normalcy, where parents have a say in their children’s education, Americans are not vilified for having opposing political views and an Administration that actually works to improve the prosperity of all Americans.

Biden and the Democrat Party Failures         

After 9 short but harrowing months in office, the majority of Americans clearly see this presidency as a complete failure and that Joe Biden is on his way to being the worst president in US history.  Biden was chosen by the Democrat Party not to lead but to play a role. A role of a supposed experienced, moderate politician that would govern with “inclusive” and “equitable” policies, “based on science”, who would unify the country and bring back American global leadership and respect. A role that wouldn’t actually “lead” but would take direction and marching orders from his carefully selected, ex Obama cabinet members and his multitude of advisors. But the country and world, including many Democrats, now see that Biden was a terrible choice. Biden is incapable of fulfilling such a role primarily because he is too old and stubborn but also because the Democrat’s own policies do nothing to unite, help American prosperity or provide leadership on the global stage. Biden is an embarrassment both at home and abroad but the Democrat Party is worse.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve often spoken about Biden’s incompetency, division, and lying but only touched on his America Last Ideology.  As originally articulated by Obama, Biden and the Democrat Party see the US as a flawed country, one that is systemically racist and unjust, and must be “fundamentally transformed” from within. It’s easy to blame the cognitively challenged Biden, but we also need to expose those who are most to blame – the leaders of the Democrat Party. The Party that is pulling the strings of this puppet President, who has majorities in both houses of Congress (albeit very slim) and is showing its love for authoritarianism, its total intolerance for the opposition, and its utter contempt for average hard-working American families. The Democrat Party is pushing policies that are clear attacks on Americans and the American way of life. The good news is that the Democrats are so arrogant and obstinate that they’re unable to even agree among themselves on legislation, and Joe Biden lacks the leadership skills to get anything done. Even with pathetic Biden bending the knee twice on Capitol Hill to plead with the Democrats to agree to his massive spending proposals so that he could look like a leader to the world at the ridiculous Climate Summit in Glasgow, he has so far come away empty-handed, no agreement and nothing has yet passed. 

Republicans need to take a page from the Virginia and New Jersey parents playbook who are standing up and speaking out against the evil and anti-American policies of the Democrat Party, and from the brave first responders who are walking out from their jobs for refusing the unconstitutional vaccine mandates and even from college students and their nationwide chants of “Let’s Go Brandon” to show their pure opposition to Biden and his Democrat Party’s attacks on America.

Biden’s popularity continues to crash – even left-wing, corporate media can’t ignore it anymore.

On Oct 31, NBC’s Chuck Todd shared the ‘Shocking’ NBC Poll Showing that 71% believe the U.S. is on the wrong track — “Scary News for the Democrats” according to Todd. And Only 42 % approve of Biden.

Per the recent NBC poll, on “which Party would do a better job?

Border SecurityRepublicans+27
National SecurityRepublicans+21
Getting Things DoneRepublicans+13


According to ABC News, Biden’s approval rating has fallen furthest on three key issues: “gun violence” (39%), Afghanistan (34%), and “the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border” (31%). While Biden still receives high marks from Democrats on climate change and the economy, his approval among Democrats has fallen steeply on all the issues named above.

Biden & Democrat attacks on Americans

1. Attacks on parents

One good thing that came from the COVID lockdowns was that parents witnessed firsthand what nonsense their children were being taught in US public schools. In addition to transgender issues (sports, bathroom use), the issue that has most enraged parents and motivated them to speak out at local School Board Meetings, is that their children are being taught the lie that whites are oppressors, and blacks are the oppressed.  This is pure racism, victimology, and hatred being taught to our children disguised as the teaching of “Racial Equity”. It is also referred to as “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) which was the original University and Law School level program of this racially hateful program. Perhaps the K-12 programs are simplified and summarized versions of CRT, but they are still teaching hateful Racial Division rather than unity and love of country. To divert and deny, School Boards, Democrats, and of course, the media are denying that CRT is being taught in public schools to naturally try and smear concerned parents (who are both white and black) as crazy, intolerant, right-wing conspiracy theorists. This is a blatant lie that tries to use semantics as a denial strategy. Democrats in all 50 states of America have a plan to brainwash children using their hate-filled ideology that results in resentment, segregation not desegregation, and a divided country.

After courageous parents gave impassioned 1 minute speeches at School Board meetings across the country, The National School Board Association (NSBA) wrote a 5 page letter directly to Joe Biden (Thursday, Sept 29), complaining about the so-called “threats” they were receiving from parents and even compared them to Domestic Terrorists.  Without any investigation or evidence of the veracity of these outlandish accusations, the US Attorney General, Merrick Garland, drafted an official memo the following Monday, Oct 4,  in which he stated  “… the Department of Justice will be announcing measures designed to address the rise in criminal conduct directed toward school personnel”. He then directed the FBI to immediately get involved to work with state and local authorities to address the threats.  Parents reported seeing undercover FBI agents at school meetings with unmarked cars and helicopters flying overhead. This is a total and unprecedented effort to intimidate concerned parents from NOT speaking up at school board meetings. It attempts to deprive Americans of their 1st amendment rights, it is completely unacceptable and un-American. Biden of course denies ever speaking to the Attorney General, but Americans know that doesn’t matter – his administration certainly did and ordered the politically biased Attorney General to have the FBI immediately shut down these parents. But the parents DID NOT shut up. They’ve gotten even louder.

In October, a breaking point happened in Virginia schools. After Merrick Garland’s memo was published and FBI agents started appearing at school meetings, a father who was arrested in June for disorderly conduct at a school meeting, began speaking to the media. It turns out that he attended the June 22 Loudoun County, Virginia school board meeting to defend his young daughter who, in May, was raped in the girls bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt and taking advantage of the transgender bathroom policies. The father had been ordered to remain silent on the case as it was under investigation but couldn’t remain silent any longer. During the June meeting, the school board President actually denied that there had ever been any sexual assaults in the girls bathrooms! This caused the father to understandably become irate and he was arrested by the police and ended up with a bloody face. The photos went viral.

As the father spoke out in October, it was revealed that the school board did know about the rape during the June 22 meeting and had lied to the parents! In addition, the rapist was not held in juvenile detention after the May rape and was transferred to another school in Virginia where he sexually assaulted a 2nd girl in October! Parents from Loudoun County are calling for the firing of the Loudoun School Board President and all who knew and lied about the rape. Attorney General Merrick has still not apologized or rescinded his memo. No word from Biden.

For his part, Merrick Garland was torn apart by Republican Representatives and Senators during a recent congressional hearing but he simply denied, denied, denied. So it’s clear the Biden Administration will neither admit nor apologize for this abhorrent behavior nor will they change course.  McAuliffe took the side of the teachers and school board, saying that parents “should not be telling schools what they should teach”. Youngkin supported the concerned parents. A lesson for Republicans heading into the midterms – support the people!

2. Attacks on First Responders

Biden’s Sept vaccine mandate for Federal employees as well as companies with over 100 employees continues to generate thousands of class-action lawsuits from both private citizens and military as well, who refuse the jab. Airlines, including Southwest and American Airlines, have recently canceled thousands of flights due to staff shortages. Biden’s mandate has also inspired many idiotic Democrat Mayors in such cities as Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, and New York to impose State vaccine mandates on local first responders such as Police, Firefighters, and Medics. For example, as crime has spiked over 30% throughout the US this year, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio (whose term ends on Dec 31) imposed mandates effective Nov 1, which is estimated to force 24K city workers to stay at home on unpaid leave, including 8K police, 3700 firefighters and 2K sanitation workers.  Over the past weekend, 26 NYC fire stations were closed due to “staff shortages” in an apparent protest over the mandates.

In Minneapolis, Progressive Democrat Senator Ilhan Omar has blamed police for the rise in crime and the city added a special charter amendment to the Nov 2 election ballot to actually dismantle the city’s Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a new Department of Public Safety. The amendment needed 51% of the vote to pass. Luckily it was just voted down, but 43% of Minneapolis residents still voted to abolish the Police Department!

To show his support for these draconian attacks on first responders, Biden, during a CNN town hall in October, said he agreed that first responders who refuse the vaccine, including police officers, should be fired! To wild cheers from the idiot sycophants in the crowd.

Meanwhile, a Southwest pilot is being investigated for saying “Let’s Go Brandon” over the intercom.

3. Attacks on American energy and prosperity

As  US gas and oil prices skyrocket right before winter, due to Biden’s war on fossil fuels, he and a huge group of staff jet off to the Climate Conference in Scotland where, like Obama, he‘ll promise even more restrictions and penalties on oil and gas companies in the USA. Penalties to appease the global climate alarmists who disguise their socialist goals of wealth redistribution from rich countries to poor, as climate activism and saving the planet.  Europe and Biden are in psychotic synch as oil and gas prices have also risen drastically in Europe, due to inefficiencies of wind and solar, but they, as well, are imposing greater restrictions on fossil fuels.

Meanwhile, OPEC refuses to pump more oil despite Biden’s pleading, alarmists never consider Nuclear as a “green” option and neither China nor Russia bother to even attend this Climate Circus. They’re too busy ramping up their coal and oil-fired power plants to get ready for the winter.

And as we all know, Americans are facing a massive rise in inflation and a supply chain crisis heading into Thanksgiving and Christmas. As prices rise and supply diminishes, consumers start to lose optimism. When consumers turn pessimistic, they hold back spending. Together with the concern of a near $30T national debt, this pessimism could cause the economic slowdown to persist. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration incredulously says that inflation and poor supply is good as it means that demand is growing. After spending over $5T over the last 18 months in response to COVID shutdowns, this out-of-touch Biden Administration is trying to pass a $1.2T infrastructure bill and a $3.5T mega welfare and “new green deal” behemoth. Biden has absurdly stated that massive spending will actually lower inflation. Of course, he’s proud to say that the rich and those evil companies will pay for it via higher taxes, so it will cost ZERO to Americans. It’s really an insult to Americans’ intelligence (or perhaps an insult only to the intelligence of right-wingers as Democrats will believe anything). For example, corporations will not accept higher taxes without passing along the cost consequences to either consumers via higher prices or employees via cutbacks. 

Even if it won’t be the $3.5T Pelosi wanted,  it looks like they may get $1.75T approved plus the $1.2T, which will still be the biggest social program spending since WW2. It will reportedly include $500B for green new deal projects, including $2.2B for AOC’s “Civilian Climate Corps”(supposedly a civilian “green police force” to check up on each other’s green initiatives), $24B for rental assistance, millions for amnesty, etc., etc.

4. Attacks on American citizens and National sovereignty As employment and job creation continue to fall short of expectations, Biden continues to keep our borders open to illegals entering the country (a 20 year high, 2M illegals expected by year-end). Another 60K person caravan is marching through Mexico, breaking through Mexican barriers along the way. While all this is happening, Border Patrol agents that were on horseback have been relegated to desk jobs after Biden called them whipping racists and now it is being reported that Biden is planning to pay the illegals who were separated from their “children” under Trump $450K per adult ( $900K per family) as “reparations” for their hardships. This is a shocking insult to so many people, especially to Goldstar families of fallen soldiers who receive less than this ($400K) for their sons and daughters having given the ultimate sacrifice to defend our country. It’s also an insult to legal immigrants who followed the law to enter the US, and of course, to all hardworking Americans. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris says “don’t come” and laughingly claims the root cause is Climate Change.

5. Attacks on our military and American security

It’s now more than 2 months since Biden surrendered in Afghanistan and there are still Americans STRANDED UNDER TALIBAN RULE! Biden continues to show weakness and ambiguity towards China’s growing regional aggression in the South and East China seas, where experts believe they’ll use the resulting economic power to reshape the global order.


Biden continues to attack hard-working, patriotic Americans, parents, first responders, energy companies, and businesses – even our military, with his authoritarian mandates and divisive policies.  All the while allowing an invasion of illegal immigrants on our wide-open southern border, now even paying them to enter. But the tide has clearly turned against Biden and his radical administration. Americans are fed up. Republicans are winning Governorships.  Independents and even many Democrats have turned against him. Americans are standing up and shouting down this radical administration, even if the media will not. Heading into next year’s midterms, Republicans need to follow the lead of these courageous parents and first responders and continue to speak out about this disastrous puppet President and his radical administration.

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