Will the French Media Honestly Report on Biden’s Destructive Policies?

Paris, France (October 11, 2021) Tired of the complacent media coverage of Joe Biden’s presidency for more than 8 months, Republicans in France wish to alert the media to the failures of the Biden administration which are leading to the collapse of his presidency and dangers not only for the USA but the entire world. 

After campaigning as a moderate, Biden and his handlers are pushing a radical left-wing agenda that is rejected by the majority of Americans. As he claims that “America’s Back” and to be a “Uniter,” he’s now seen as an incompetent divider, intolerant to any opposing views. He has shown to be a serial liar who isn’t transparent with our allies, foremost among which is France who has been deceived and ignored. Biden refuses to answer press questions and is unable to unite even his own party. What the media promised would be a “return to normal” has, predictably, turned into a disaster of epic proportions on domestic and foreign affairs to the benefit of our enemies and adversaries. As a result, Biden’s approval rating is down from 55% to 38%, the lowest of his presidency. Biden’s failures include:

  • A radical economic spending agenda called “fiscal insanity” even by moderate Democrats yet an inability to pass a promised Infrastructure Bill due to Democrat infighting. Biden is breaking spending records and plans massive tax increases to pay for it which will hurt all Americans, add to the already dangerous inflation, and slow US economic growth. 
  • Absolute reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan, resulting in the murder of 13 American military heroes, 7 Afghan children by drone strike, hundreds of Americans and thousands of American allies left behind enemy lines, and the Taliban terrorists in charge. 
  • A complete crisis of illegal immigration on the US southern border with 2 million illegals estimated to enter the US this year, a 20 year high, causing a serious humanitarian nightmare.
  • Growing lack of confidence and outright revolt against Biden’s totalitarian COVID vaccine mandates, even for those that have already acquired COVID, causing Americans across the nation to lose their jobs, including front line health workers and many black Americans who refuse the vaccine.
  • A dangerous explosion in murder rates throughout the US with a 30% increase in homicides over 2020 as Democrat-run cities have waged a war on police and disrespect for the rule of law.

“Republicans are speaking out against this dystopian administration. Republicans in France will continue to push back as well. We will not go silent as the Democrats try to destroy America and rebuild it in their extreme left-wing, dangerous ideology,” stated Paul Reen, President of Republicans in France. 

The people of France and members of its international community have a genuine interest in understanding the real situation in the USA under Biden. Our executive leadership team is fully bilingual, has an extensive background in media appearances (print, online, radio, television), and can fulfill all types of press requests. We are prepared to inform your audience of the dangers at stake.

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