The Collapse of the Biden Presidency–Part 1

Paul Reen
September 11, 2021

Unconstitutional, authoritarian, dictatorial, leaderless, no empathy, partisan, divisive, liar-in-chief, stubborn, weak, confused, puppet. After 4 years of falsely accusing Trump of being a dictator, these are now the words that Americans use to describe Joe Biden’s Presidency and his actions and behavior merit it all.  

His latest authoritarian announcement to mandate vaccines for all companies with over 100 employees and ignore State Governors’ policies, is an insult to American principles of individual liberty and free enterprise. Biden ignores Congressional approval and lawlessly disobeys the separation of State and Federal powers as articulated in the 10th Amendment. Republican Governors and small business owners across the country are already preparing lawsuits and the people are prepared to revolt.

Only 7 months since President Biden took office, and as we reflect on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, we are witnessing a complete collapse of his presidency. What the media promised would be a “return to normal,” that “America’s Back,” and “Joe the Uniter” has predictably turned into a disaster of epic proportions on every issue, domestic and foreign, dividing America more than ever. 

After Biden’s unforgivably reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan, surrendering to the Taliban and abandoning Americans and Afghan allies, the country has responded with collapsing approval ratings. Even BEFORE his vaccine mandate announcement, his polls were already crashing.  According to a September YouGov poll, more Americans now strongly disapprove of Biden’s performance than strongly approve (49% to 39%). Even Democrats, who once had a 90% strong approval rating have collapsed to 77% and the critical Independent voters have dropped to a terrible 35% approval rate. Now, at this rate, Biden’s Presidency is on track to be the worst presidency in modern history. 

Afghanistan Withdrawal Disaster
What Biden branded an “extraordinary success” is the worst foreign policy disaster in modern political history.  Although our military deserves the utmost credit for the evacuation of thousands, Biden‘s reckless withdrawal resulted in:  

  • A complete surrender to the Taliban.
  • The creation of a terrorist safe haven in the Middle East.
  • The creation of the worlds’ largest terrorist army by leaving behind over $80B worth of advanced American military equipment.
  • 13 American soldiers killed along with hundreds of Afghans.
  • Emboldened enemies and adversaries.
  • Massive migration of unvetted Afghans.
  • Abandoned Afghan allies and Americans. 

Biden turned his back on Afghanistan, he turned his back on European Allies, and he turned his back on thousands of Afghans that helped us over 2 decades. Worse, he turned his back on hundreds of Americans by leaving them abandoned, stranded behind enemy lines, creating a pending hostage crisis of Americans. Biden refuses to take responsibility, blaming Trump of course, and everyone else but himself. 

Unprecedented Crisis of Illegal Immigration
By undoing Trump’s effective immigration policies through his autocratic executive orders, Biden has created an unprecedented security and humanitarian crisis on our southern border:  

  • 20-year high number of illegals stopped crossing the border.
  • Nearly 2 million estimated by year-end. 
  • Roughly 30% refuse to be vaccinated, and the COVID testing is inconsistent, resulting in a 15-20% infection rate in migrant shelters.
  • Biden is creating not only sanctuary cities, but a sanctuary country.

COVID Pandemic Persists Despite Government Lies and Massive Overreach
Biden’s new vaccine mandate will affect over 100M people. It’s the most egregious power grab we have seen in modern times and is sure to create havoc throughout the country. Biden cannot stop lying; he is dividing the country even more by blaming the continued COVID cases on the unvaccinated when we know that vaccinated Americans are also testing positive. He lies about Governors claiming they are discouraging vaccines and mask wearing. Governors like DeSantis and Abbott can recommend vaccines and masks in school without mandating them. This does not mean they discourage them. Biden and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) have become lawless by trying to impose unconstitutional mandates and eviction moratoriums on landlords (shut down by the Supreme Court). New documents reveal that Dr. Fauci lied to Congress about the NIH (National Institute of Health) who actually did fund the Wuhan lab in “gain of function” viral research, just as Senator Rand Paul claimed.  All of this has created a fed-up America and a crisis of confidence. Massive lawsuits against Biden are coming.

Growing Economic and Inflation Concerns
Democrats have spent over $6 Trillion so far this year and are trying to pass yet another stimulus package of $3.5T, which amounts to the biggest peacetime spending spree in US history. Inflation has already increased over 5% and is expected to continue, hitting people’s purchasing power for food, building materials, basic necessities, etc. Biden has announced tax increases that will hit corporations, capital gains, and affect all people. Biden’s war on fossil fuels has caused increases in gasoline prices after Trump made the US energy independent. And he’s now pleading with OPEC to boost oil production to try and stop the price increases. 

Rising Crime in the US
Since the George Floyd death in January of 2020, there has been a war on police by the Democrat Party, calling for defunding local police departments across the country. The movement is led by left-wing Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA groups and Democrat congressmen and women like NY Democrat Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC). Democrat-controlled cities such as NY, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, and others have reduced their police force leaving many officers to take early retirement. This predictable result is that crime levels have risen to their highest levels in over 20 years. In 2021, murders have increased 16% across major U.S. cities compared to 2020. Crime in New York City has jumped 53.2 % and murders are up 13.3 % from last year. Atlanta homicides are up nearly 60% in 2021. And Democrat “leaders” like AOC have called this focus on crime simply “Republican hysteria.” These people are advising Biden, successfully it seems. 

America Last” Ideology
The US cannot defeat enemies and fight adversaries when we lack the pride and the belief in our moral standing, when our president falsely claims that we are a country of “systemic racism,” and star athletes kneel to protest the American flag. Teachers unions and public school boards are openly teaching communism and racist educational programs like Critical Race Theory. They’re attempting to indoctrinate our youth to despise our country and to focus on skin color rather than the content of their character. And to think the Democrats accuse Republicans of a “war on women” yet they push to allow transgender women to compete against biological girls and use the same locker rooms which is both a violation of girls’ athletic opportunities and their privacy. But there is a patriotic awakening in the US, led by fed-up parents, pushing back on this left-wing ideological movement. It aims to guarantee a future of liberty and patriotism for their children and for future generations.

Americans are fed up with the direction of the country under Biden-Harris. The 74M plus that voted for Trump in 2020 (probably more) are not remaining silent during this horrifying downward spiral of the USA under Biden. The Biden presidency is collapsing as he fails on every issue. It is clear that he has lost his cognitive abilities and is being managed by a group of unelected left wing staff and power players hiding in the shadows. Real Republicans are taking a stand and speaking out against this pathetic and dystopian administration. Republicans in France will continue to push back as well. We will not go silent as the Democrats aim to destroy America so that they can build it back in their warped, Leftist, Socialist ideology. We say NO.  

Do you miss him yet?

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