The Collapse of the Biden Presidency–Part 2

Sept 30th 2021 Update

Since his election, most Americans and thinking people across the world, clearly see that Joe Biden has lost some of his cognitive abilities and is controlled by his radical “handlers” (staff, Democrat Leaders like Pelosi and Schumer, and previous Democrat leaders like Obama and Clinton as well). “Incompetent” has been used more and more often to describe him, especially after his colossal failure in Afghanistan. Democrats still push that he’s more than capable and is still the affable, likable ole’ Joe, but events over just the past couple weeks have started to change people’s opinions. It has become clear to many that Biden is not only incompetent, he’s a liar. This is not new of course to us who didn’t vote for him, Biden has been a pathological liar his entire political life. He’s a known plagiarist, he’s lied about his academic performance, participation in the Civil Rights marches, what he’s known about his son Hunters’ “pay for access” business dealings with China and the Ukraine and his own financial involvement as “the Big Guy.” And of course the “good people on both sides” and “no COVID Vaccines available” non-stop lies about Trump. But now his lies have become even more obvious, brazen, almost second nature. Biden now is showing contempt for, and insulting the intelligence of the American people. We have an incompetent, lair-in-chief as President and it’s not only unacceptable, it’s dangerous. 

The lying has become more blatant because he believes he’s above the law and will never be held accountable because his media lapdogs will always cover for him and his “Minister of Truth”, Jen Psaki, will always spin, deflect, deny and filibuster until the media gives up. Sound familiar?  It’s the same Democrat playbook we have always seen from the Clintons to Obama now to Biden, but because of his decline, Biden does it less tactfully and for that, it’s more obvious. His doctrine is simply the Obama 3rd term on steroids – to fundamentally transform America into a radical left wing society where Big/Bigger Government is always the answer to all problems, where the government becomes the authoritarian oppressor and any and all opposing views must be crushed. We call them Marxists because they are acting like Marxists, openly. “Build Back Better” is actually “Build Back Bitter”–Biden is bitterly dividing the country more every day and isn’t slowing down. 

But when authoritarian, intolerant leaders push too far, the people eventually rise up. In the US and globally as well. The Marxist, police enforced, COVID mandates have motivated ordinary citizens in countries all over the world, to push back and retake control.

There are still reasons to stay positive, especially as elections get closer.

Examples of Biden’s lies that have been exposed in the past weeks:

  1. All three major military advisors (Milley, McKenzie and Austin) testified under oath that they advised Biden to keep 2500-3500 troops in Afghanistan and that removing all would lead to the inevitable collapse of the Afghan military and the entire country.

This completely contradicts what Biden told George Stephanopoulos on Aug 19. Biden lied and said that he was never told to keep troops in Afghanistan by any of his advisors. He added the old “…that I can recall.”  Pathetic weasel words used by many Democrats over the decades (recall Hillary’s “Obama’s not a Muslim -as far as I know”).  Some are saying that Biden just didn’t recall – If that’s true he forgot the advice about one of the most important decisions of his presidency!  Incompetent liar-in-chief.

  1. Biden forcefully repeated the blatant lie that Border Patrol agents in Del Rio, TX  were “running over” Haitians with their horses and “strapping” or whipping them with their reins. A lie that had already been completely proven false, even by the actual photographer who took the viral picture. But Biden smeared his own Border Control on national TV and promised that “those people will pay.” It’s been reported that horses will no longer be used in Del Rio and that the agents involved have been transferred to desk jobs. Incompetent liar-in-chief.

Obviously this was an effort by the media and Biden to misdirect the countries attention to the massive illegal alien invasion at the southern border. There ‘s been little to no media coverage of the 15K Haitian migrants and their inhumane conditions living under a bridge in TX. While the media ran non-stop coverage of the so called “racist, whipping agents,” Biden’s DHS quietly transferred over 12K of the unvaxed, illegals into the USA. Fundamental transformation of the USA 

  1. Biden spreads ridiculous lie that his $3.5T reckless “social programs and green new deal” bill would actually cost zero dollars. This is such a brainless lie that it makes you question the sanity and economic common sense of Democrats and their Minister of Truth – Jen Psaki. Taxpayers will fund this.

Of course if the Democrats succeed in passing this purely partisan bill (on top of the $1.2T so-called “infrastructure” bill), it will need to be paid for by taxpayers. And it will cost at least $3.5T, even more over the 10 years they plan to “pay” for it (they never actually do and it gets added to the debt).  Biden proposes to pay for it by raising taxes on Corporations and wealthy Americans. But they have short memories – when Obama did that, corporations simply left the US, or if they don’t leave, they’ll reduce their workforces and pass cost increases onto consumers, adding to inflation. Trump’s common sense economic policies lowered taxes on Corporations and they moved back to the US. Biden also plans to raise taxes on capital gains and retirement savings accounts, affecting all Americans. There is also penalty increases for Corporations having an employee that is not vaccinated, and penalties for C02 emissions from utility companies.

The good news is that Biden’s job approval continues to be below 50%. The latest Rasmussen Reports have his approval down to 41% and his disapproval up to 56%. Independents continue to join Republicans in recognizing Biden’s incompetence and serial lying to try and cover for it. In addition, many Democrats oppose the massive spending bills that Biden is trying to get passed but are reluctant to speak out. Luckily there are still two critical Democrat Senators, Sinema and Manchin, who refuse to support the $3.5T, but we’ll soon see if Pelosi and Schumer succeed at pressuring them.  

Most entertaining for us is to see that the first bill to be voted on this week (the $1.2T infrastructure bill), is at risk of not passing, not by Republicans but by the House Progressive radical wing of the Democrat Party! The Progressives like AOC want the $1.2T bill to be tied to the $3.5T bill to create a giant 4.7T bill or they will vote no. They want all or nothing. There is little to no chance this will happen. We Republicans have been saying for over a year, that the big challenge for Biden is that his own Democrat Party is split. It’ll be hilarious to watch and see if the Democrats block their own bills and Biden gets nothing passed. It may be just wishful thinking but if he can’t get any of his key legislative plans passed, it’ll be a major failure of his promised agenda on domestic policy and his claim to be an experienced uniter , even of his own party! Incompetent liar-in-chief!

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