RIF at Disneyland Paris

Republicans in France was honored to be among the VIP guests at the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West dinner show at Disneyland Paris last Saturday, October 12. The action-packed show featured some of the world’s best equestrianism, trick roping, and acrobatics as the story of the Far West unfolded. Clearly, Disney only hires the best of talent! In addition, the costumes were spectacular–from the adorable Annie Oakley, to the cowboys, villains, all the way up to the magnificent Native Americans; Disney knows how to put on a show.

The food was pleasantly surprising and very much what one would expect inline with the far west theme and included Texas chili and cornbread and a smorgasbord of barbecued ribs, chicken, and sausage, apple pie with vanilla ice cream! Overall, the show was very interactive and entertaining.

Sincere gratitude to our generous sponsor!




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