Republicans in France

Republicans in France Launches a New Organization

Paris, France (June 6, 2017) — Republicans in France is proud to announce the creation of an organization of American Republicans headquartered in Paris. The decision to launch Republicans in France (RIF) is based on the persistent demand for local outreach of U.S. Republicans throughout the international community while concurrently fulfilling the need for a platform where American expats can connect and network with fellow conservatives. Additionally, our efforts aim to support and enhance the expat experience in terms of political and cultural immersion.

“We launched Republicans in France to address the local demand for an organization that meets the needs of fellow conservatives in France, especially in terms of outreach and alliance,” stated Gina Hunt, President of Republicans in France. “Although we support the main focus of similar organizations in the effort to repeal the financial reporting Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) known as FATCA, the goals of Republicans in France are broader and encompass community outreach and diplomacy, conservative fellowship, and social affairs.”

We receive high volumes of media requests and maximize our efforts to accommodate them. Part of our mission is to shed light on the conservative platform, thereby enlarging cross-cultural understanding. The people of France and members of its international community have a genuine interest in understanding the values and goals of U.S. conservatives as well as what led the American people to reject Hillary Clinton and send Donald J. Trump to the White House. The executive leadership team, based in Paris, is fully bilingual, has extensive background in media appearances (print, online, radio, television, debates), and can fulfill all types of press requests.

As invited speakers and guests at local leadership events, we engage with the international community to broaden mutual understanding and cooperation. We maintain communication and partnership among various high-standing local and US-based institutions in order to represent and promote American values, understanding that in the final analysis, we are all unofficial representatives of the United States of America.

About Republicans in France
Republicans in France (RIF) provides a unique perspective of the American Republican diaspora residing in France. Our inclusive membership encompasses citizens from all nationalities and walks of life while focusing on key matters that impact American
citizens in France. These topics include: U.S. tax issues, facilitation of the voting process from overseas, direct communication with U.S. congressmen, cross-cultural understanding, and support for fellow citizens in France.


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